Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All Black Everything

Hey guys!
Forgive me for being absent, as I am really trying to get better at this blogging thing.

So, since my birthday is around the corner, I was trying to get some inspiration on the type of outfit I wanted to wear on the night out. Granted, I don't have these items, I can really try to recreate most of it. 
I'm a sucker for the perfect put together 'all black everything' outfit.. with a POP of color in the accessories and lips. 
This is what I have formed.. 
Betsey Johnson Bracelet Set $35 (Hermes Cuff Inspired)

What do you guys think?

Leave a comment! It would really help me kick start my birthday shopping!

With Love,



  1. I love cat eye glasses but I'm not sure I'd be able to pull off that crazy Tom Ford one :)



  2. This is so nice!! what do you say about following each other?;)