Monday, April 30, 2012

My Weekend: New York

So, this weekend, my lovely husband and I had the random brainwave to go into the city just for fun. a whole 1000 dollars later, we have made it out alive.
It all started with a simple stroll, playing a stupid game that went a little like this:
Park your car. Walk to an intersection. Whatever way you see the green light, that is the way you will go. Repeat.
First stop: Think Coffee on Bleecker Street. After going in and trying it out, I fell in love with the rich taste and boldness of my regular hot hazelnut shot cup of Joe. mm mmm mmmmm.. and ofcourse a picture in their super cool washroom.

Following this game of ours, we ended up on Spring St. I was just so caught up in the game when my husband nudges me, "Hey, isn't that Pinkberry? Want to try it?". 5 minutes later after being so googly eyed I chugged my coffee down and bought myself some Pinkberry. I'm a natural sucker for anything that tastes like cheesecake, so I purchased me a cheesecake tasting pinkberry cup.

It was good. After this, we decided to go to the lighting district and look for an awesome chandelier for our dining room. We did find an amazing one, and we did buy it. Now, I don't know how I feel about it knowing my birthday is in less than a month. My husband did mention it was a big part of my gift - yay, benefits of being a home owner.. gotta love it all..-

And that was my weekend in a nutshell. Part of it...

Til next time!

With Love,

Nikita xo

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